Dr. Roshangar

Dr. Roshangar 500 500 Dryshield

We are a clinic that treats developmentally disabled clients. Our patients range from high functioning Downs patients to profoundly affected autistic patients. Achieving a dry field for restorative care can be a tremendous challenge. We find DryShield to be a significant help for many cases. Yes, some of our patients’ gag reflex is too pronounced to use it; but for most, DryShield protects our patients from the tastes and water spray that triggers their gag reflex. Also, DryShield controls our patient’s tongue and keeps it away from the bur. And, we get a dry field for placing our restoration. Finally, since the mouthpieces are autoclavable, it does not cost us anything if our patient cannot tolerate it. We are loving this product.

Dr. Sarkissian

Dr. Sarkissian 177 177 Dryshield

“DryShield is a wonderful product which provides isolation, comfort, and more importantly, believe it or not, safety. Particularly during procedures we routinely perform, such as CEREC, we can perform both the prep as well as the full intraoral scan without having to remove DryShield. As far as safety during removal of amalgam fillings, if we are unable to place rubber dam, DryShield will protect the patient from swallowing mercury/amalgam dust or large particles, as these usually are hard to catch despite the best suctioning techniques. Moreover, the one day I did not use DryShield while working on a lower molar, a patient with a small mouth swallowed, which of course in a split second moved her tongue directly into the bur’s path, causing a cut. This would not have happened if I had DryShield. Today DryShield is my first choice for isolation before I start work.”

Dr. Gregson

Dr. Gregson 295 295 Dryshield

“We purchased DryShield in September 2015 instead of other isolation systems. Not only did it cost much less but it worked as good or better. We use it on almost every operative procedure, crown preps, crown cementation, and sealants. Sealants are unbelievably easy and FAST. I can actually etch upper and lower at the same time on many cases with no cotton rolls and not worry about contamination. However, I think where it has the biggest benefit is bonding our CEREC crowns. The bonding protocol is very specific and must be kept extremely dry. DryShield eases that stress tremendously. Sterilization has been a piece of cake. I love getting so many uses out of a mouthpiece. Lastly, speaking as a doctor who used another isolation system for many years in the military, the suction on DryShield is much stronger and patients report it to be more comfortable. I can say I am 10-20% faster using DryShield.” A great experience so far. We will be a long time user. Thank you!

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