Dr. Chen

Dr. Chen 221 221 Dryshield

“DryShield is a really great product! It frees up my assistant’s hands for suctioning so we can complete a procedure much faster. I like the fact that it is autoclavable. Also, because it blocks the tongue and pharynx well, I’m no longer worried all the time of anything dropping down the throat. In terms of isolation, if a correct mouthpiece size is selected, it provides better isolation than rubber dam. For instance, I don’t have to worry about saliva leakage from the unsealed sides of the clamp. Overall, I recommend this product to my dental friends. It has high acceptance rate for even the pediatric patients, especially those who hate the mouth prop.”

Dr. Allen

Dr. Allen 170 170 Dryshield

“My experience with DryShield has been nothing but positive. I am a pediatric dentist and have found it to be very helpful in increasing patient comfort and safety. I have also noticed a dramatic increase in the speed at which I am able to complete procedures as I no longer have to fight with “strong, curious tongues” or explain the “raincoat and tooth ring”. We use it for sealants and all restorative procedures. It was extremely quick to set up and the staff finds it very easy to clean and autoclave. The assistants love it, the patients and parents love it and I love it too. It has been a great addition to the practice.”

Dr. Juan Yepes

Dr. Juan Yepes 427 427 Dryshield

I am a pediatric dentist that has been using DryShield for about 7 months. DryShield is an intuitive and easy to use system. Since using DryShield, my chair time is much more efficient and my procedures are delivered with a high quality due to the near perfect isolation. Furthermore, the system is friendly to all my pediatric patients. The materials used in the system are soft, and without any question, easy to place in the oral cavity. My chair-side assistants have mastered the placement of the DryShield mouthpiece. Definitively, DryShield is a great isolation system in my pediatric practice!

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